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Ragnar Napa Valley Stories: Team WeRun2Inspire Blognar..

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We Run To Inspire:

Check out Team WeRun2Inspire in the 2011-2017 Ragner Relay Runs - Napa Valley 200 miles .. After group pictures, van decorating and last-minute packing, Van #1 sent off their first runner into the dark fog towards the Golden Gate Bridge. And we are doing it again! Join us ...Nov 3-4, 2017!

We Play Tennis To Inspire:

Check out our favorite tennis round robin event at Davie Tennis Stadium. There were many hard-fought rounds of tennis, some heavy lifting of BBQ charcoal bags, and much savoring of macaroons and lemon bars ..
Help us raise $26,200 to one of the largest, annual, non-endowment (CAGIM - USCF) Medical Student Scholarship in the U.S.**Charitable donations are to a 501(c)3 organization!
What separates Team WeRun2Inspire from the rest of the Ragnarians and the world? Is it our running pace? Not really. Is it our remarkable ability to make running in orange compression socks look sexy? Maybe. What sets Team WERUN2INSPIRE apart is that we make the very most of life. Like Chris. We are everyday people - friends and family - who seek to do extraordinary things. Yes, like Chris.

Meet our CAGIM Scholarship Recipients!

2012 CAGIM Recipient: Alexandra "Jay" Teng

Alexandra "Jay" Teng was in the final weeks of her second year of medical school at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine when she realized the odds of "eight percent. I was running against the odds after experiencing sudden cardiac arrest". Jay Teng defied death -- a survivor, a runner and one of only a few 25-year-old recipients of an implanted cardiac defibrillator ...

2013 CAGIM Recipient: Erika Flores Uribe

Erika Flores Uribe was finishing 4th grade when her father was shot in a drive-by shooting the city of Compton, California. Erika Flores Uribe withstood the violence in her community – a firefighter, a runner, the only female in her Los Angeles battalion and the only one in her family to attend college at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine ...

2014 CAGIM Recipient: Greg Zahner

As Winston Churchill decried of the black dog nipping at his heels, Greg Zahner set about on his own journey, running towards his own version of #yolo...You Only Live Once! Deferring medical school for 3 years, Greg, began a year of research looking at the physiological consequences of chronic mental stress - in particular, the increased risk of cardiovascular disease in veterans with PTSD and the role of lipid mediators in the resolution of inflammation. Subsequently, Greg will serve as an MD Fellow for McKinsey & Company based at the Silicon Valley office, focusing on health systems and services, as well as pharmaceuticals and medical products. Greg will return to UCSF in 2019 to graduate with the class of 2020 ..

2015 CAGIM Recipient: Jerome Chelliah

Running signaled trouble. As a child growing up amidst the Sri Lankan civil war, Jerome Chelliah knew that the noise of footsteps hastily running towards bomb bunkers meant the chance of aerial attack was imminent. Today, finishing his first year as an OB/GYN resident physician at Kaiser Santa Clara, delivering babies (60+ and counting), being in the operating room, and meeting patients at critical junctures in their lives, Jerome also had a moment to spare, marrying his partner, Malcolm. For Jerome, today, the noise of running does not signal trouble. "It signals hope, purpose, and above all the feeling of being free. I am so thankful for all of you who continue to make CAGIM a reality. It is truly a gift that continues giving ..."


Endurance + Inspiration = Christine Geehrer. Because of YOUR ENDURING support, we are gearing up for our 5th annual fundraising 200 mile Relay Run - we call it a slumber party with stinky feet and no sleep! Pair that with our Orange tutus, inside jokes, and a great finish with our 3 extraordinary Christine A Geehrer Inspiration in Medicine Award recipients …and we have the makings of an enduring legacy honoring Christine A Geehrer.

And we want to thank you for making this happen with your very first donation! You can make a SECURE online Donation HERE!


2017 CAGIM Scholarship Applications are due by June 1, 2017! The distribution of the CAGIM Award is coordinated by the UCSF Office of Undergraduate Medical Education. To download the 2017 CAGIM Application, look under ABOUT CAGIM - HOW TO APPLY at the top of this page!