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Christine’s Legacy

Every weekend morning at 9 am, Christine laced up her running shoes and ran the way she lived her life. A severe asthmatic with bad knees, chronic fatigue and an addiction to frozen yogurt, Christine defied the odds through sheer will and determination. A fierce competitor since she was a teenager, Christine pushed through her limitations in snow-crusted jeans and wool gloves to win ski races earning her a place on the US Ski Development Team for the 1980 Winter Olympics. Despite her swollen kneecaps, she ran, she biked, she kite-sailed, she sky-dived, she roller-bladed, she skied off-piste in the Sierras, pushing friends, family and co-workers to join her on every extraordinary adventure. She ran her first marathon in her mid-40’s, leading her peers as a 3-time Nike Marathon pace setter, and crossing the finish line of multiple marathons with her Vizsla, Abby.

Christine didn’t hide her struggles, she worked around them – convincing running pals to take a break “only when we pass a Frito Lay truck” (neglecting to share the fact that a Frito Lay distribution center was located nearby). She didn’t deny her love of frozen yogurt; instead, she ran an extra mile for every additional topping she piled into her cup. Christine proved that ordinary people can do extraordinary things – and she inspired others to do “things” they never thought they could.

Christine turned her eyes to kite-sailing on the eve of her 49th birthday, driving to the ocean on her candy-orange, fully restored 1962 Lambretta scooter with her kiteboard strapped to her back. She crashed her kite in a busy intersection during a dry run on land, but Christine vowed to return the next day to sail the waters. Instead, Christine was admitted to the hospital with an acute migraine headache. She received the shocking diagnosis of lung cancer on her 49th birthday, learning that the cancer had metastasized to her brain. Christine was gone 7 days later – at 9 am – her final marathon run. Christine lived a remarkable life as an ordinary woman, challenging others to pursue their dreams; never giving in to obstacles; never giving in to pain, hardship or expectations; and never, ever giving up. Christine, in her life’s expression, compelled us to do the things we think we cannot do…