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Reno Tahoe Odyssey Relay Run

Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Relay Run 2011
Congratulations to Orange Crush’ed finishing 11th out of 90 teams to raise funds for CAGIM Scholarship Award!

12 runners descended unto the Lake Tahoe Basin, a team emblazoned in the color of Orange. Over the course of 178 miles, we ran through the streets of Reno, towards the Donner’s Downfall, through the woods of Tahoe Pines to the snowy heights of Daggett Pass and to the wide expanses of Carson Valley. A coming together of old and new friends, a tribute to Chris and her unrelenting spirit of adventure and fitness. Somewhere, atop the Tahoe Rim, in the early hours of the morning, mountains encased in snow and a deep orange-red hue, Chris was running with us.

Orange Crush’ed sprinted across the finish line in unison, both with color and spirit, and with a remarkable time of 25 hours, finishing 11th out of 90 co-ed teams and 44 out of 206 teams!

“[Expressing] my heartfelt gratitude for the invite to race with “Team Naranja!” It was a grand honor, to be part of such a noteworthy cause, realized by all your hard work, and dedication…You are so lucky to have so many true friends, and a loving family. I joked in the van about possibly recruiting my sister to drive me anywhere, much less all over RTO…Love and sore feet, Tony Spontaneous”

“The Orange Crush’d did great – and I promise that I won’t get my &*$% kicked next year by a 23-year old who was seen at a later exchange point swigging a Bud Lite. We did Chris proud.”

“Thanks for putting together such a fitting tribute [for Chris]. She was watching and cheering the whole time, especially as Studmuffin cranked out that last set of hills for Van 1 ~Molotov”